Master The Skills to Become a Great Leader

Leadership training to help you grow your team & accelerate your progress




In order to become a great leader
you need effective leadership training – but
there’s a problem.

  • Developing yourself is expensive.
  • Training programs have not worked for you.
  • You have not found a system that is effective.
  • Most training is effective and boring.
  • There is too much information.
  • Most training is “feel good stuff” that does not impact business results.

LeaderShift is a complete leadership development system that has everything you need to hire, develop, and retain a highly effective team. All for the fraction of the cost of other development tools.

What frustrates leaders the most is having
the same problems day after day.

Do you feel like you could make more progress on:

  • Your team’s productivity.
  • The quality of the work being generated.
  • Having to react to problems daily.
  • Being unable to make the progress you know the team is capable of.
  • Feeling stuck, stressed and tired.
  • Team members not being engaged.
  • Too many problems needing to be solved by you.
  • Too much of the team’s success is dependent on your presence.

Leadershift provides a time proven
framework to accelerate your progress

Based on 25 years of research, the LeaderShift Framework was created to help leaders understand and deal with the complexity that they are experiencing, returning their days and their business to a state of simplicity while accelerating their progress.

  • Discover the simple yet powerful truth that allows you to connect and motivate any individual and team.
  • Harness the unbelievable power of razor’s edge focus on what matters most.
  • Learn the secret to moving past goal setting to goal achievement.
  • Develop the ability to engage each team member and communicate in a manner that creates passion for achievement.
  • Consistently raise your team’s level of achievement.
  • Create a team that welcomes change and is energized
    by it.

People are complex. Managing them don’t have to be.

Your Plan for Growing Your Leadership

Get access

Get access for as low as $99/month.

Watch the modules

Each module is packed with simple,
no-fluff action oriented insight that will
accelerate your progress.

Achieve growth

Grow your leadership by mastering
the skills to attract, develop and retain
the team you deserve.

LeaderShift is ideal for

  • Operational Leaders
  • Sales Leaders
  • Directors and Team Leaders
  • Business Owners
  • Line Managers
  • C Level Executives
  • High Potential Leaders
  • Entrepreneurs

“I was fortunate enough to have met Andrew early in my management life and the coaching skills he has provided have had a direct and measurable impact on my career.”



What to expect from LeaderShift:

  • An opportunity to regain clarity and focus.
  • Practical tools to assist in the application of the framework with your team.
  • A “no-fluff” approach to leadership.
  • A proven framework to your continued success.
  • A network of support to ensure you accelerate your progress.
  • Increased accountability and engagement from your team.

“Andrew, without question, is the best facilitator of leadership training that I have ever encountered in my professional career. I would strongly recommend him to any organization looking to increase productivity or enhance the skill set of a team.



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The Learning Modules in LeaderShift directly addresses the following Leadership Challenges:

  • Why people struggle with change and what to do about it.
  • Learn how to develop goals that connect to business performance.
  • How leadership is different today and the skills you must master to accelerate the progress of your team.
  • How to develop a razor’s edge focus.
  • Why most goal setting does not end with the desired outcome.
  • Learn a 6 step process that will maximize the effectiveness of your coaching conversations.
  • How to increase accountability and develop talent for the future.
  • Discover how to ensure business results without micromanaging.
  • Learn what to do when things go horribly wrong.
  • How to embed a culture of continuous improvement in your organization.

Your LeaderShift Options

On Demand
Investment: $99/mo.

Includes your own private login to the Oxley LMS with access to all 9 learning modules for you to review in both audio, PPT and printed format. Every module includes detail action oriented exercises to apply the lessons being covered.

6 month commitment

Live Online Investment: $199/mo

In addition to everything you get with our On Demand subscription, this also includes access to bi-weekly application web classes with a community of peers and led by your dedicated coach. Your dedicated coach will also create a leadership roadmap during your 1-1 strategy call.

6 month commitment

LeaderShift 1:1 Investment: $1500/mo

You will have your own personal leadership coach that will walk you through the development and execution of your leadership development roadmap with 1:1 calls twice per month. You will have your own private login to the Oxley LMS with access to the complete leadership library.

6 month commitment

We understand that you do not
have time for untested theories
and feel good sessions

“The Oxley Group provides incredible subject matter expertise in leadership development and delivers the message and skills to a diverse audience .”

James Garris – Production Manager, Coca-Cola Company

“I’m continually amazed at Oxley’s ability to facilitate creative solutions to lingering and what seemed insurmountable issues. I would recommend any company in todays economy to seek out Oxley’s counsel for their unique ability to get root causes of opportunities.”

Keith Daly – President Personal Lines, Farmers Insurance

“We have experienced a direct and measurable impact to our business and bottom line through our involvement with Oxley’s programs and services.”

Greg Syfan – President, Syfan Logistics

“If you have the opportunity to bring The Oxley Group in to work with your business for leadership development you will not be disappointed.”

Anthony Shope – COO, Halski Systems